Christina and Phil

March 29, 2014

Mi Torta de Dulce

Joking around, Phil used Google Translate to look up Christina's nickname "Sweetie Pie" in Spanish. The result was a poor translation, and so now he lovingly calls her "Torta de Dulce" (Cake that is sweet) or "Dulce Pan" (Sweet bread).



We are registered at Amazon, Target, and Crate & Barrel. Use their search pages, in-store kiosks, or go directly to our registry with the following links:

Since we are having the wedding in California but living in Texas, we think it would be easiest for gifts to be shipped directly to our home. Each website should automatically enter in our home address.

I believe that memories do last a lifetime and that's why  I'm glad it's you who I'm sharing my life with. Just looking back at the past five years, I see adventure, trust,  the love you have not only for me, but for my family,  and  that even when days get rough, you still manage to make me smile.