Christina and Phil

March 29, 2014

Mi Torta de Dulce

Joking around, Phil used Google Translate to look up Christina's nickname "Sweetie Pie" in Spanish. The result was a poor translation, and so now he lovingly calls her "Torta de Dulce" (Cake that is sweet) or "Dulce Pan" (Sweet bread).


Phil's Version:

From the moment she fell into my arms, I knew that she was the one for me.

She would keep asking me when/if we would ever get married, but I knew that I wanted my proposal to be a complete surprise to her, and so I couldn’t admit anything yet! I was already beginning my search for the perfect Engagement ring, which ended up taking over 6 months! I managed to keep it a secret until...


The plan was to tour San Francisco one last time before we both moved to Houston, Texas. We were not married yet, but when I found out that her job was being relocated, there was no doubt that I would be going there with her. I knew that this day would be my chance to pop the question, I just didn’t know when!

We started out the day with tickets to Alcatraz, and reservations for two at our favorite steak restaurant that evening. After an early morning drive to The City, we nearly missed the first boat to Alcatraz Island! I couldn’t let something like that ruin our day, and only I knew what was going to happen later. In fact, I hid the ring in my camera bag so that when I knew it was time, I would have it with me. So, I grabbed Christinas hand from where we parked our car, and ran as fast as we could to where the trip to Alcatraz begins, Pier 33.

We made it on time, crisis averted! The tour of Alcatraz was great. There was a short cruise that had an AMAZING view of the Golden Gate Bridge, which we would see later that day. We were given a history lesson about the first US built fort on the West Coast and the federal prison that it became. We toured the beautiful Gardens of Alcatraz, and enjoyed the stunning views of the bay area.


After the tour, we went to fishermans Wharf for a clam-chowder bread-bowl lunch. Christina got a huge kick that we were ending up in dozens of tourist photos because we were sitting behind the area that buckets of crabs were being displayed with great spectacle. Things were going good, and we were both really happy!

We toured around the city a little more, seeing the famous Lombard St, known for being the curviest road in the world. We also visited the Hyde St Pier. Almost time for dinner and I still haven’t proposed yet! I was so nervous! The time just wasn’t right!

We had just enough time for one more trip. We drove to the base of the Golden Gate bridge to see what kind of view we would have. We walked up the stairs near the base of the bridge, held each other, and just looked out at the Bridge and the ocean. We talked about being together and how much we have grown with each other. We talked about how many “firsts” we’ve had, the things we’ve done for the first time while together such as traveling to Argentina, or going on a cruise. We even talked about our future, and kids, and…

“The time was right now”, I said to myself. I said to her, “I have something that I want to ask you,” as I grabbed my camera bag and pulled a small box hidden underneath a camera lens. I got down on one knee with her facing me and the Golden Gate Bridge and I asked her, “Will you marry me?”

I couldn’t be more happy with her response!


Christina's version:

I thought this was a trip to cross off our bucket list before moving to Texas. We went by all the places that I told Phil I wanted to visit. We went to Alcatraz in the morning, walked around Pier 39, went to Fisherman's Wharf where we both indulged on a delicious bread bowl filled with clam chowder, we walked to Lombard St and took tons of pictures, went to the park, drove to the Golden Gate Bridge, and ended at a Brazilian Restaurant for Dinner.

 The Happiest Girl Alive!!! Soon to be Mrs. Purviance. 

The Happiest Girl Alive!!! Soon to be Mrs. Purviance. 

It was at the Golden Gate Bridge after taking many pictures that we finally sat down on a ledge to enjoy the view and started reminiscing about the past and talking about our future together. Phil's started telling me that he was happy that we were moving to Houston and that he would be coming with me. He said that he looked forward to our many new first's, and that he loved me very much. He then proceeded to say "I've been meaning to ask you something for a long time" and he turned around and reached into his camera bag, as I covered my mouth because I couldn't believe what was happening, and the tears started coming... he knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I remember just seeing him kneeling I didn't even look at the ring, since my eyes were filled with tears. After what seemed forever, he finally stood up and we both just hugged. We didn't know what to do, and I told him, I think this is where you put the ring on my finger. It fit, it was perfect, and I hope you ask him how much work he put into choosing the perfect ring. It's a sweet story, that tells you a little bit more about who Phil is. He pays attention to detail, does his homework, and gets what he worked for. I love this man and I'm so honored that he chose me to be his partner for life.  

 My beautiful ring!

My beautiful ring!

I believe that memories do last a lifetime and that's why  I'm glad it's you who I'm sharing my life with. Just looking back at the past five years, I see adventure, trust,  the love you have not only for me, but for my family,  and  that even when days get rough, you still manage to make me smile.